What is CLA?


CLA aka Conjugated Lineolic Acid is a fatty acid naturally found in beef and dairy. It is well documented in over 18 independent studies and published in over 75 journals as an effective fat burner. The fitness industry markets it as a way to help burn fat faster.

Our bodies are designed to store fat as a way to ward off starvation. We have not evolved biologically to understand that food is plentiful and excess body fat is undesirable. When we begin to exercise our bodies release a hormone called adenosine which prevents the effectiveness of our workouts. Adenosine attaches to fat cells and slows the deployment of fat into our bloodstream to be used as energy. It also attaches to nerve cells to slow down muscle fiber recruitment and lastly attaches to muscle fibers acting as a "hand brake" making it harder to perform an activity.

When you use CLA before a workout it will make your exercise routine more effective. CLA will block adenosine and allow your body to use stored fat immediately as the fuel for your workouts rather than carbohydrates. CLA diverts unused fat to your muscle cells, activates an enzyme that helps your muscles burn fat, and limits fat absorption to help reduce the size and maturation of fat cells. By helping your body burn fat more efficiently, CLA can help increase the rate of fat metabolism, increase fat breakdown rate, limit fat deposits and reduce the size of fat cells.