The Filthy Truth About Your Laundry


If you have ever wondered that it seems your clothing does not last as long as it used to - YOU ARE RIGHT!

In an effort to get stain free clothing, most consumers are using too much detergent and the detergents are just too harsh. It's a fact that if less detergents are used, clothes will last longer. For consumers who add bleach - chlorine bleach attacks the fabric along with the stain, eating away at the fibers which wears the clothes out even faster. In addition to bleach, many manufacturers source ingredients with toxic chemicals including ammonia, phthalates and formaldehyde.

So, what can you do about it?

1.) Avoid Chlorine bleach- look for products with bleach alternatives like natural enzymes and oxygen whitener

2.) Use a Gentle Concentrated Detergent

3.) Pay attention to clothing tags - watch for fiber blends like cotton and polyester - they was and dry at different speeds so use the mild washer and dryer settings

4.) Fluff Settings - the less heat you use drying your clothing - the longer your clothing will last. T shirts will last longer if you tumble dry instead of high heat.

5.) Colors and whites - yes, separating them matter but you should also pay attention to fabric weights and separate heavy clothing from lighter weight clothing.

6.) Be kind to your clothing - a little pampering never hurts - find a eco friendly fabric softener.

What are your favorite products and why? Share any tips you have for our community!