Summer Smoothies-How Much Protein Needed


Smoothies are just the thing for summer refreshment—and protein shakes are just as at home in a smoothie as the are in a blender. They are great for a quick breakfast, post workout boost, adding calories or meal replacement.
Why mix in a protein shake? For the incredible health benefits each one offers. There are many varieties to chose from depending on your nutrition goals—like weight loss, sports performance, or protein supplementation.
Smoothies are also a great way to sneak in a few veggies without the taste if you or your children don’t like them. Try adding leafy greens with fresh fruit. Frozen fruit also works. You can get the frosty texture without making it watery with ice cubes. You can also sneak in vitamins and omega 3’s if you don;t like pills. You can add almond butter, peanut butter or powders for extra protein and calories.
So how do you know whats the right one for you? And just how much protein should you be consuming each day
Here are some tips:
1.) The RDA is .36grams per pound of body weight a 150lb woman then should consume 54 grams according to this Recommended Daily Allowance.
2.) If you are ACTIVE (40 min exercise 4-5x a week) you should double the RDA, so a 150lb woman should consume 108grams a day. Seems high? Thats why Protein smoothies can really help you out!
3.) If you are trying to lose weight, you should also double your protein intake and GET ACTIVE. Use water, not milk.
4.) If you are trying to gain weight, and build muscle you should consume .64 to .82 grams per pound of body weight. My son is 155lbs, and wants to gain 20 lbs. He should be consuming 127 grams of protein per day! Using Milk, not water.
5.) If you are watching your weight, be careful as the calories can add up when you start adding bananas, peanut butter and other tasty ingredients to the mix.