about us

Who is Natural Wellness Girl?

Natural Wellness Girl is your trusted resource for natural wellness and healthy living. Find all that you need to enhance your natural lifestyle from delicious recipes and vitamin supplements to nutrition and exercise. In addition, you can also learn more about energy healing and spiritual growth.

At Natural Wellness Girl you will learn about how to live gluten free, discover beauty products that will make your hair and skin glow (naturally of course!), as well as learn how to get the maximum benefits from your exercise regimen.

Natural Wellness is a Journey

For most people, health and wellness is a journey and mine began about 20 years ago. My name is Kate Shean and my journey has led me to become the Natural Wellness Girl. Like most of life’s paths, the one I have been on has been full of highs and lows, mistakes and learning experiences. Natural Wellness Girl is the culmination of what I have learned thus far, and I am constantly learning more and hope to share it all with you.

My interest in health began in college where my favorite subjects were physiology and endocrinology (the study of hormones). I went to graduate school for physical therapy and treated complex orthopedic cases for over a decade. Treating these cases was like working on the 1000 piece puzzles I used to like to do as a kid. They took time, perseverance, but most of all patience.