Triphala Benefits & Uses

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Triphala Fruit

Triphala Fruit

Simply defined, Triphala is a combination of three very powerful fruits that are known to posses intensive health benefits. Triphala is widely used in Ayurveda medicine and the three fruits that comprise it are Amla, Myrobalan, and Belleric Myrobalan.

Triphala churna has many benefits and it includes protection and enhancement of the functions of the body organs such as the eyes, skin, and heart. It can also cleanse the body so that energy is channeled better and more intensively. In its most natural form, triphala is known as the most effective combination of herbs that can cleanse the colon, keep the liver healthy, and flush out body toxins. It effectively regulates the functions of the digestive system, while enhancing the strength of the immune system, lungs, urinary tract, and the muscles.

The regular intake of triphala is recommended for one to reap all of its useful benefits. Using triphala in its powder form is highly recommended, as the powder form is the most effective choice to enjoy its maximum benefits. If you do not like the taste of the powder you can use triphala tablets since each tablet contains 1 tablespoon of powder. The main advantage of buying triphala powder is that it is cheaper on a per use basis and it allows you to take it as a tea.

Take full advantage of triphala benefits by simply mixing half a teaspoon of triphala powder into 8 ounces of water. Increase the dosage to three-fourths teaspoon to a full teaspoon of triphala powder once you discovered that you can tolerate that much amount in your body. When taking triphala with water you may experience a strong taste, so it is easier to mix with juice.

The triphala mixture is supposed to be taken a few hours before bedtime. However, if you require more than just one dose in a day, you can take it for as many as three times per day. That means you can drink triphala in morning, then again in the afternoon, and one more during the night.

Triphala is meant to be taken anywhere between five to ninety days, depending upon how much you wanted to use it to cleanse your body and reap all of its health benefits. The longer you take triphala, the more goodness you are bound to obtain from it. However, if you intend to use triphala for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended that you decrease your dosage after a certain period of time.

Enjoy the full triphala benefits by taking in half to a full teaspoon of the powder mixed with water during the first few days of the therapy. You can gradually decrease it to just a quarter of teaspoon as you go through several months of the triphala churna therapy. Eventually, you can skip a day or two of taking the powder, instead of doing it daily. That’s how you regulate the full effects of triphala in your body, without experiencing side effects or any mild inconvenience.

However, in some cases, excessive intake of triphala induces some side effects like diarrhea and dehydration. Some other side effects will be broad stomach distress, difficulty in sleeping, intestinal gas and alterations in blood cholesterol. Using triphala as a colon cleanser you may expect to appear a side effect or rather a side benefit – weight loss. Also, it will relive you from bloating and cramping. It is good to know that pregnant women should not use this herbal mix. When taken in the powder form, do not exceed 3-5 gms of triphala and if you use tablets do not exceed 5-6 capsules per day.

Triphala can be used daily, maintaining the balance in many conditions whether you use it like a colon cleanser, blood purifier or to detox your liver. Take triphala before bed to support natural body detox and take it in the morning if you want to act as a strengthening tonic.

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